winter sun

Sun block on my face.   January wanes and the planet’s tilted orbit has swung us  toward our thermonuclear star.  The sun  climbs higher in a clear blue hemisphere of sky.   Snow crunching under my boot heels is melting by radiant heat in air temperature of -4C.  On the trail, runners, dog walkers, parents pulling their progeny on wooden sleds greet one another as comrades — fellow short term winter trekkers.

The warmth on my back  is palpable as I cross the top of the dam from west to east. Water churns out of the spillway with the turbulence of a mountain stream. Toward town the river flows freely with icy patches along the banks while  frozen and snow covered north of the dam.

I take my body out on these excursions to participate in the rhythm of the natural world.  As Brian Brawdy has observed, many of our most important revelations have occurred out in nature — Moses on the mountain, Buddha in the garden, Jesus in the desert, Newton in the orchard, and Darwin in the Galopagos.


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